Benefits for Farms & Farmers

Get your Farm Authenticated to gain recognition of the work you are doing to take farming of all types beyond sustainable and into a world of building eco-logical capital. Permaculture Farming takes us into synthesis with nature and teaches us how to build ecological capital, as nature does, in resilient and regenerative ways that heal the earth and create a sustainable future for generations to come. These methods have proven to heal hydrological cycles, build soil and develop more resilient farming methods to handle a world of unstable climate, depleting resources and growing populations. These ways are how nature has succeeded for Billions of years and Permaculturalists are pioneering the methods to work with those cycles. Permaganic Authenticated is here to help those pioneers develop the market for the work they have done and the products they have to sell by informing ethical consumers about pioneering work these farmers are doing. This is critical so they can develop the capital to continue the journey towards a Permanent Culture.

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