Apply to Get Authenticated

Please Fill out the Form below so we can send you an application to get Authenticated

Base Cost for Homesteads or Farms:  $400/ year

Discount for Certifying 2 other local farms (within 100 miles) of equal or lesser Level:

  • Pioneer Level Farms: $80
  • Emergent Level Farms: $100
  • Regenerative Level Farms: $125

Added cost for Farms over 20 acres:

  • 20-45 Acres: $25
  • 45-70 Acres: $50
  • 70-100 Acres: $75
  • 100-120 Acres: $100
  • 120-145 Acres: $125
  • 145-170 Acres: $150
  • 170-200 Acres: $200
  • Price Continues as increased by stated sizes above.

On Going On Site Auditing Costs: (Based on the Earth Care Level)

  • Pioneer Level: $200/year
  • Emergent Level: $300/every other year ($150/year)
  • Regenerative Level: $300/every third year ($100/year)

Since Regenerative farming becomes self reinforcing, we don’t need to audit as often and therefore we can charge a lower and lower rate per year, the more Regenerative/Mutualistic the Farm becomes. This also serves as encouragement to move towards Regenerative/Mutualistic.

Please fill out the form below to begin the Authentication Process:

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