Authenticated Farms

Our Farms that have been Authenticated are upholding the highest standards of production for not just You and Nature but also our Future! They are developing Produce, Resources and Products that don’t just neutralize our impact on nature but actually enhance nature for the better. So check out a sampling of our farms below and be sure to support them when you see the Permaganic Authenticated logo as more and more farms join our evolution, one of Symbiosis and Mutualism with nature!


The Eco-Garden Youth Program on Main St. – Cincinnati

(A philanthropic living laboratory & educational outreach program of Permaganic)

Located at 1718 Main St. in the edge of Cincinnat’s historic inner-city neighborhood, Over the Rhine, the Eco-Garden is Permaganic’s own living laboratory. The Permaganic Eco-Garden works hard to pioneer new techniques for Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. Since 1998, the Eco-Garden has been the site of a  job readiness training program for at risk youth, providing them with a stipend and earth-based education. In 2012, we debuted a new program where donors pay for CSA shares which are distributed to needy families, along with educational materials about the produce they are receiving. It employs a diversity of practices including bio-intensive, bio-dynamic and Permaculture practices. It has a biodiverse food forest and rain gardens to manage water runoff.

Certification Level:

Earth Care:   Emergent

People Care: Emergent

Fair Share:   Regenerative


Greensleeves Farm – Alexandria, KY

Greensleeves Farm has been practicing permaculture techniques since 2008. They are a CSA and market farm producing a diverse array of fruits, vegetables and animals products. In 2013 Mark Shepard Author of Restoration Agriculture implemented a key line designed orchard complete with pocket ponds and diversion drains to irrigate the land. They integrate their sheep into the alley cropping.

Certification Level:

Earth Care: Emergent

People Care: Emergent

Fair Share: Regenerative



Lola’s Botanicals – Versailles, IN

Lola’s Botanicals is located at the Schewe family Homestead and employs many Permaculture based techniques to move towards the Regenerative Level. They have a food forest with many diverse native and non-native edibles. They produce a large amount of their own food while also producing most of their herbs for their Herbal Tea Business and and all of their Market Farming.

Certification Level:

Earth Care: Regenerative

People Care: Emergent

Fair Share: Emergent

New Mexico:

The Neem Karoli Baba Ashram & Hanuman Temple – Taos, NM


Inspired by the messages of love and service by Neem Karoli Baba, an Indian Saint and western student, Ram Dass, they have been feeding and housing people for decades now free of charge. Recently they have implemented a Permaculture plan to supplement their  twice weekly free meals and free housing for the community. This is founded on centuries of sustainable agriculture and architecture by the Native Tewa Tribe and Spanish settlers and is now carried on by these new stewards of these centuries old practices, complimented by modern ecology and design.

Certification Level

Earth Care: Emergent

People Care: Emergent

Fair Share: Regenerative



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