Benefits for Customers who support Permaganic Authenticated Sites:

Customers who support Permaganic Authenticated Farms and Organizations can know that they are supporting farms & organizations that are on the cutting edge of Sustainability to create a brighter future for their loved ones for generations to come. Permaganic Authenticated is different than Organic Certified in that Organic simply verifies the absence of synthetic chemicals in food production. Permaganic Authenticated verifies that these sites are not just chemical free but, are in fact, building ecological capital modeled after natures symbiotic methods of creating resources so that we can create resilient agricultural systems, built environments, businesses and communities to fulfill the needs of future generations of humans and nature. Permaganic Authenticated sites are on the cutting edge of that symbiosis with nature, working to heal and restore nature while providing for humanities needs. Sites around the world using Permaculture Design methods have proven to:

  • Reverse desertification and re-green deserts
  • Stop soil erosion and rebuild healthy organic soil
  • Sequester significant amounts of carbon in the soil
  • Recharge the water cycle & table
  • Increase biodiversity
  • Eliminate or minimize fossil fuel use and let “nature do the work”
  • Design and Build homes that take care of us without unsustainable inputs
  • Bolster local economies
  • Provide for those in need in empowering and renewable ways
  • Pioneer new Symbiotic ways for people to live in their local ecologies
  • Increase nutrient density in foods to create healthier people

This is why supporting Permaganic Authenticated sites is a critical piece in creating a society that works with nature symbiotically. It is up to us to create that future for our children

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