Certifier Training

Dates: December 10th-18th 2018

Location: Outside Cincinnati, Ohio at Treasure Lake Forest and Farm, Petersburg,


Course Details

We are excited to introduce to you our 9 day Certifier Training for Permaganic Authenticated. This course is for people who have attained their Permaculture Design Certificate, which is the foundation of Permaganic Authenticated. Whether you are a practicing farmer or just looking to expand your economic opportunities within the field of Permaculture, this is a great opportunity to help further the field while earning a living and increasing the livelihood for Permaculture/Regenerative/Mutualistic based farmers. This training will introduce you to understanding all the practices certified by Permaganic Authenticated including

  • Contour Farming
  • Alley Cropping
  • Agroforestry
  • Agroecology
  • Mob Grazing
  • Soil Microbiology
  • Net Positive Energy and Water Production
  • Intern Training
  • Social Enterprise Collaboration and much more.

You will understand these practices and how to ensure that farmers are employing the practices appropriately to earn their Authentication.


You will be on the cutting edge of building a new Agriculture that is economically viable through working with Permaganic Authenticated, the World’s First Regenerative/Mutualistic Farming Certification. Soft launched in 2012 with our first Authenticated farm, Greensleeves Farm in Kentucky, and showcased in the traveling exhibit, “Greenacres: Artists Farming Fields, Greenhouses and Abandoned Lots” and officially launched after receiving our approval as Certified Mark by the USPatent and Trademark Office to protect our hard working certified farmers in March of 2017. We were the first to introduce and develop such a concept in the US and we are proud to say that we have also created the highest standards that will bring us to a Mutualistic Future. You will be a collaborative participant in helping us grow around the US. As we grow we will adapt our standards through our farmer operated Bio-regional Standards Boards to develop appropriate standards for each bioregion that are then integrated into our national program accordingly. You will be on the cutting edge of getting farmers on board and helping farmers to evolve their farms into ecologically balanced, productive farms that will build a mutualistic culture from the ground up.

So what are you waiting for to get on board and start evolving our society literally from the root to the fruit!


Dates: December 10th – 18th. We will also have some pre-course online work before as well. More details to come shortly

Trainers: The lead teacher for this training will be Permaculture Teacher, Doug Crouch of TreeYo Permaculture (TreeYoPermaculture.com) supported by the Permaganic Co-Creator and Permaculture Teacher, Braden Trauth of the Cincinnati Permaculture Institute (CincinnatiPermacultureInstitute.org) and OM Valley Permaculture (OMValleyPermaculture.org). There will be several guest speakers with experience in the field as well.

Cost: $1850

Food: 3 local meals a day included

Housing Options:

  • $20/night Basic housing of rustic indoor camping on site
  • Hotels and Air BnB are within 15 minutes.
  • More details to come shortly

Location: Outside of Cincinnati, Ohio at Treasure Lake in Norther Kentucky, just minutes from the Greater Cincinnati International Airport.

Registration: Please email Info@CincinnatiPermacultureInstitute.org to register

Scholarships: Some scholarships will be made available to qualified regional ambassadors who will become regional representatives of Permaganic Authenticated to help it grow in their region. Please email Info@CincinnatiPermacultureInstitute.org for more information.