Our Roots

We got our start at the Eco-Garden on Main St. in urban Cincinnati, OH, which was founded in 1998. The Eco-Garden has been training inner-city Youth in farming at the Eco-Garden on Main St. They also integrate job readiness training by selling the yields of their work at the historic Findlay Market in Cincinnati’s Oldest Neighborhood, Over the Rhine.

A Wild Idea: 2010 – 2012

The founders, Luke & Angela Ebner had the idea for Permaganic Authenticated which would certify permaculture Farms in 2010. They pitched it to Braden Trauth, a Board Member of Permaganic and a local ecogarden 2Permaculture Teacher who is a student of Bill Mollison, David Holmgren, Scott Pittman, Mike Reynolds and Peter Bane. He thought it would be a great ideaand started to work with them developing theAuthentication Process. We ran it past the permaculture author, Dave Jacke in fall of 2010 and past Dr. Elaine Ingham in the fall of 2011 who both gave their verbal approval and support. After that we started working on getting it launched.


The Authentication had its soft launch in February, 2012 at the Carbon Farming Course with Joel Salatin, Wes Jackson, Dr. Elaine Ingham, Dr. Anne Adams of HMI, Dave Jacke, Eric Toensmeier and Darren Dougherty. It had its official launch at the traveling art show Green Acres: Artists Farming Fields, Greenhouses and Abandoned Lots. It debuted in Cincinnati at the Contemporary Arts Center and traveled to Alexandria, Va.

The USPTO, a Rodale Twist and our Launch!: 2013-2017

Fortunately (and unfortunately due to the time delay), our lawyers advised us to get it protected through the USPTO as a Certification Mark. During that time, in 2013, Dr. Ingham, who had become the Head Scientist at the Rodale Institute, organized a meeting with the Executive Director, Mark Smallwood. We had a great phone call with them where he said they would support it verbally and gave us contacts to begin working with them. Unfortunately when we went to contact them they fell silent, so we continued on without them. Dr. Ingham eventually left them for various reasons and fortunately is still a supporter of our program, serving as on the Board of Advisors. The Certification Mark took many years of pro-bono work with all parties involved to achieve until until our submittal to the USPTO in Fall of 2015. We received our approval as a protected certification mark on the first day of spring, 2017. We have now begun our public certification now that we are protected and know that we can confidently protect the integrity of the program and the logos for our farmers.

PA USPTO Approval

Now stay tuned and watch us grow!

A small portion of proceeds from the Authentication process will go to support the program and training of these at-risk youth in the benefits of growing, eating and selling healthy Permaculturally produced foods. ecogarden 1

Feel free to pay us a visit and see all the great youth learning about the foundation of any civilization, Farming with nature!


Our Facebook Page

EcoGarden Location:

1718 Main St. Cincinnati, OH.

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