Our Roots

We got our start at the Eco-Garden on Main St. in urban Cincinnati, OH. The
founders, Luke & Angela Ebner had the idea for Permaganic Authenticated which would certify permaculture and pitched it to Braden Trauth, a local ecogarden 2Permaculture Teacher, student of Bill Mollison, David Holmgren, Scott Pittman and Peter Bane and Board Member of Permaganic’s Eco-Garden. He thought it would be a great idea and started to work with them developing the Authentication Process.


The Eco-Garden has been working for 15 years, training inner-city Youth in farming at the Eco-Garden on Main St. and job readiness training by selling the yields of their work at the historic Findlay Market in Cincinnati’s 475172_10150643783116016_669502225_o
Oldest Neighborhood, Over the Rhine.

A portion of proceeds from the Authentication process will go to support the program and training of these at-risk youth in the benefits of growing, eating and selling healthy Permaculturally produced foods. ecogarden 1

Feel free to pay us a visit and see all the great youth learning about the foundation of any civilization, Farming with nature!


Our Facebook Page

EcoGarden Location:

1718 Main St. Cincinnati, OH.

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