Permaganic Authenticated is serious about a future beyond sustainability, we’re creating a culture of ethical eco-logical living. Modeled after Permaculture’s Principles and Ethics, Permaganic Authenticated goes beyond many other certifications by verifying that Farmers, Homesteads and soon to come Businesses and Communities are taking steps to build ecological capital, heal ecosystems & communities, teach others about the importance and ease of creating an Eco-logically balanced society and teaching the next generation as to how to carry on the torch for generations to come. That’s what we mean by “Beyond Sustainability” as David Holmgren, the C0-Originator of Permaculture coined in the title of his book about Permaculture.

Symbiosis: The relationships we Authenticate on our Farms:

The Interactions we seek to create with Nature:

Humans: + Nature: + = Regenerative & Resilient Symbiosis for both

Humans: Neutral Nature: + = Good for Nature & No Loss for Humanity

Humans: + Nature: Neutral = Good for Humanity & No loss for Nature

Humans: Neutral Nature: Neutral = No Loss for Either

Interactions we seek to Evolve Beyond:

Humans: – Nature: – = Irrational for both

Humans: – Nature: + = Sacrificial for Humans (which is not always bad)

Humans: + Nature: – = Exploitation of Nature

Humans: Neutral Nature: – = a Loss for Nature

Humans: – Nature: Neutral = A Loss for Humanity

Please continue on to find out how you can support, get Authenticated or get involved with Permaganic Authenticated.

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