Welcome to Permaganic Authenticated, the worlds first Permaculture Certification Program that verifies for the public that the goods and produce they are purchasing and supporting were created using Permaculture methods that rebuild ecological systems and capital to ensure a resilient and regenerative Planet for Generations to come. We specialize in Authenticating that Homes, Homesteads and Farms are applying Permaculture in ways that will  take us beyond Sustainability and into a future where Society and Nature work symbiotically, respecting the needs of each other so that we can both thrive. We hope that you will choose to support Permaganic Authenticated farms and organizations in you Bioregion.

This Certification has three parts, modeled after Permaculture’s Ethics of Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share (return the surplus back to the first two Ethics). Within each Ethic Homes, Farms, and Organizations can progress and evolve from a Pioneer state into an Emergent level and ultimately culminating into a Regenerative State, which is when the home, farm, or organization embodies resilience modeled after natures techniques that have created 4 Billion years of Resilient and Regenerative success.

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is an Ethically and Ecologically based Design Science that teaches us how to design and create Resilient and Regenerative Homes, Farms, Communities, Bioregions and ultimately, planet modeled after nature’s 2 billion years of Eco-Logical success. When people learn how to work with and design with nature we can create a symbiotic relationship that is the most eco-nomically and eco-logically efficient system that nature can create and will lay the foundations for the next Millennium of life on Earth.

Please continue on and explore our website to find out how you can support Authenticated Farms, Businesses and Communities or how you can get your Farm, Business or Community Authenticated. We also Authenticate homes and homesteads as well to inspire your neighbors, community members and global family to start taking the steps at home to take us beyond Sustainability and into Thrivability. After all, all change starts with ourselves first. So read on and join the Evolution!


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